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Why Is There a Hole in Meat Cleavers?

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Why Is There a Hole in Meat Cleavers?

In the realm of cutlery, every tool and utensil has some use. Every knife, bevel, and even the hole in the meat cleaver add substantial value to the chef who uses them.

Even if you could be familiar with common knife knowledge, like how to use and care for knives as well as which cutting board is best for you, you might still be dubious and ask why meat cleavers have a hole in them. Ultimately, nobody would intentionally drill a hole in a splitter blade for amusement.

The purpose of this article is to clarify that these holes even exist.

Why Is There a Hole in a Cleaver?

Over time, researchers have developed numerous knife hypotheses in an attempt to explain the purpose of the hole in meat cleavers. Some theories claim that the hole lessens friction, while others claim that it is only the original maker's signature.

These are only misconceptions, and we have listed three good explanations for why meat cleavers typically contain a hole below:

1.Easy and secure access

Storing cleavers in knife blocks and other similar knife storage solutions is not the safest or most practical option, especially if children are present. In any case, most magnets and drawers aren't large enough to fit those heavy behemoths.

It can be a pain to find a handy location to keep them. You do not want them to fall off the counter or get into your small, inquisitive hands' grasp. Likewise, you might or might not have a room large enough to set aside for your meat splitter.

Here's where the hole has its rightful place. It makes it handy and safe for knife users to hang their knives on walls. Because of the opening, the cleaver can be hung on the wall while the cutting edge is securely protected and readily accessible. Finally, throughout their work, butchers utilize it to hang the cleavers on their belts.

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2.Simplicity in pulling

True splitters and cleavers enable cutting through both meat and bone. However, hard chunks of bone or meat can occasionally trap these heavyweight champs. Use the hole; don't waste time battling with the cleaver.

Just place your finger in the opening and tighten your hold to remove the cleaver from flesh or bone in an orderly manner. You'll be able to extract the cleaver as you proceed.

3.Visual appeal

Let's be honest. Without their holes, meat cleavers would appear unappealing and monotonous.

The meat cleavers now have a distinct character that sets them apart from other blades, thanks to these perforations. In addition, it makes the cleavers appear fashionable and unique in terms of their cutting-edge, exquisite aesthetic.

The Proper Way to Use a Meat Cleaver

As everyone knows, cleavers are sharp, heavy blades that slice through flesh and bones with ease. You might not be aware of the additional uses for cleavers, though, such as dicing, mincing, and chopping and slicing.

Here are a few applications for a meat cleaver:

1.Dicing, slicing, and chopping

Slicing and dicing vegetables with a meat cleaver is one of its lesser-known applications. In actuality, the cleaver is used to cut open a lot of fruits and vegetables with tough skin, such as butternut, squash, and coconuts.

Using a cleaver to dice veggies is also simple. All you need to do is chop your veggies into thin slices using flat surfaces after peeling and trimming them. And lastly, you can chop using the instrument. All you need to do is chop your vegetables and rock the cleaver from side to side.

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2.Chicken sectioning

The knife user sometimes uses a cleaver to slice, dice, and mince, but they also pick it up to cut through meats and bones and cut large portions of meat into smaller ones. For example, the meat cleaver is ideal for cutting and sectioning a whole chicken.

The lengthy and pointed blade makes it simple to cut and trim the fat and skin from the meat. On the other hand, the spine ensures easy and neat slicing through the chicken bones. The flat side of the blade can also be used to flatten and tenderize meat portions, like thighs.

3.Fish scaling

Even though scaling a fish is more difficult than sectioning flesh, it is nevertheless feasible with the useful meat cleaver. Simply set the fish on the chopping board, then proceed to scale the entire fish by moving the cleaver blade up and down.

4.Bone cutting

Flesh cleavers are large, heavy blades with rectangular shapes that cut through flesh and bones powerfully by using their weights. Using a cleaver to cut bones is as easy as placing your hand on the handle and applying pressure to cut through.

While striking, place your fingers on the cleaver hole for increased control and force. If the cleaver becomes lodged in a frozen chunk of flesh or a hard area of the bone, press your finger into the opening to strengthen your hold and pry the object free.

How to Maintain a Meat Cleaver?

Just like any other culinary tool, meat cleavers require maintenance. If not, you risk breaking the cleaver blade or possibly your workplace. Other accidents might also happen, such as breaking other knives when trying to wash them all in the dishwasher.

Cleaning and sharpening are the two main components of meat cleaver maintenance.

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Be sure to shield your cleaver's blade during cleaning in order to prolong its lifespan. Basically, hand washing a cleaver in warm, soapy water is the finest method of cleaning it. To prevent rusting, gently dry after completion with a fresh towel.

The high temperature and moisture in the dishwasher will damage the handle and blade of the knife; therefore, avoid doing so. To make matters worse, putting the cleaver in the dishwasher with other knives will also break other knife blades.


Knives are only as good as their level of sharpness, as any culinary expert will tell you. You are wasting time and effort if a knife is not sharp enough. Furthermore, dull blades are a surefire way to run into trouble. For this reason, you must always keep your cleaver sharp.

Your meat and bone-breaking company will operate well if you use sharp cleavers. Additionally, they guarantee that you can make accurate and complex cuts as necessary.

Using a whetstone is the most effective method of sharpening your meat cleaver. The best angle to use a whetstone to sharpen a cleaver is between 20 and 30 degrees. Determine whether you need to profile before you begin honing your cleaver.

Cleaver profiling eliminates burs and gives the knife blade a general form. Such profiling is typically necessary for dull and damaged blades.

There are more methods for honing your cleaver's edge, like utilizing an electric or manual knife sharpener. Here is more information about these techniques.


Although hanging a meat cleaver from the wall is the most convenient way to keep it, there are other options as well. You can store your meat cleaver and easily protect the blade by using knife blocks made specifically for this purpose.

There are other alternatives as well, such as using sheaths, magnetic blocks, or even stashing them in a drawer. They are not, however, the safest or most practical choice. Choose the knife storage choice that best suits your needs by learning about the available possibilities.

In Summary

Sadly, now you understand why your meat cleaver desires a hole. If you haven't already, you might wish to use it for its intended purpose now that you know the rationale for yourself. Go find a suitable place to put your priceless meat splitter!

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