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What are types of kitchen knives?

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What are types of kitchen knives?

The first set of knives you purchase ought to be your final set. But which knife is the best? It's the one that instantly exudes a sense of being tailor-made for your hand. Additionally, it is the one that was intended for the items you are mincing, dicing, and more. Learn more by reading on.

Boning knives

A boning knife's thin blade and sharp point make it simpler to handle around bones in raw or cooked meat, poultry, and fish. Using a boning knife, you may simply slice through the flesh and cleanly cut through the joints between the bones of a bird. It may also be an excellent tool for de-skinning fish fillets.

Bread knives

Bread knives, which are long and serrated, efficiently cut through pastry and crusts without damaging or crushing the softer innards. Can you cut items other than bread with a bread knife? Yes! A bread knife's serrated blade is ideal for slicing through fruit with thicker skins, such as tomatoes or melons, and for leveling cakes.

Chef's knives

A chef's knife's traditional wide blade makes it effective for repeatedly slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping fruits, vegetables, and meats. There are several other lengths available for chef's knives, but the most popular is 8 inches. The blade's high profile prevents knuckles from slamming onto the cutting board, and its softly curving edge allows for the chefs' preferred rocking action.


A cleaver isn’t just for the butcher shop. A cleaver is helpful for preparing meat and poultry since it can quickly cut through bones and cartilage, keeping your thinner knives from dulling or chipping. A cleaver may also be used to cut through dense or hard vegetables, such as butternut squash or pineapple.

Santoku knives

Santoku, a Japanese chef's knife, means "three great things," meaning chopping, dicing, and mincing. A Santoku is a big, multifunctional knife that resembles a chef's knife but differs in that it has a hooked or downturned tip and less of an edge curvature. It can be used practically interchangeably with a chef's knife, although it's a little better for slicing techniques that use straight downward strokes as opposed to a constant rocking action on the cutting board.

Paring knives

For those who value details. The utility knife, also known as a paring knife, has a thin blade that allows for precise control while cutting or peeling delicate fruits and vegetables. Use a paring knife to do smaller, frequently hand-held activities like deveining shrimp, coring apples, and hulling strawberries.

Slicing knives

A slicing knife features a long, thin, sharp blade designed for clean, lengthy slices of thinly sliced roasts like beef tenderloin, turkey, or ham. Slicing knives, which are comparable to carving knives, are preferable to a chef's knife for this operation. Other knives can be used in a pinch but are frequently too short and irregular for smooth slicing.

Steak knives

The blade of a steak knife has a smooth or serrated edge for greater control when slicing meat. They are proportioned to fit neatly next to other silverware in a place setting, and they have curved handles that rest gently in the hand. These knives aren't only for steak, despite their moniker. These may be used to set the table for other heavy foods like roast chicken, lamb chops, or Thanksgiving turkey.

Vegetable knives

Different specialty blades are available that are designed specifically for cutting various fruits and vegetables. You may discover citrus knives, tomato knives, peeling and trimming knives, and watermelon knives in this category. Other excellent options are traditional Japanese knives, whose rectangular form enables quick and accurate chopping of a range of foods.

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