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What 3 Kitchen Knives Do You Need?

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What 3 Kitchen Knives Do You Need?

A chef's knife, a serrated knife (sometimes known as a bread knife), and a paring knife are the three basic tools that every home cook needs in their kitchen. This trio, also referred to as "The Big Three," equips a cook with the proper equipment for almost any culinary activity, from slicing hefty slabs of meat to finely cutting vegetables. We'll go into more depth about the type of knife to use while here.

The Chef's Knife

Chef's knives, the first of the major three, are regarded as the workhorses of any kitchen since they can be used for a variety of jobs, from the most minutely detailed, like slicing vegetables, to more substantial, like slaughtering fowl.

Japanese santoku blades have a straight edge, but Western chefs knives frequently feature curves that allow for a rocking motion during cutting. Santokus also frequently have lighter, finer-bladed knives; for cutting through bone, we advise using a strong Western chef's knife or, even better, a cleaver.

Western chefs knives and santokus give the cook the ability to cut with precision and strength. Although deciding between the two types largely comes down to personal choice, look for knives with a sharp blade, a secure grip, and clean, even cuts.

The Serrated Knife

Serrated knives, frequently used in the kitchen as bread knives, have an edge that is scalloped like a saw. They work well for slicing cakes because their long blades can glide through a cake smoothly, producing pieces that are clean and undamaged. They are designed for slicing through items that are hard on the surface and soft on the inside, like a crusty loaf of bread or a full pineapple.

A bread knife's large blade is essential. A serrated knife should, in general, be long enough to allow for easy slicing through a loaf; you don't want to pull the knife up while swaying it back and forth. Bread knives usually have blade lengths of 7 to 10 inches, and longer blades can increase efficiency while requiring less work.

Another thing to consider in a serrated knife?Handle clearance.When operating the blade, you don't want your knuckles to snag on the cutting board. Taller and offset blades often provide greater clearance while slicing by allowing more room between the handle and your hand. Each of our top-rated bread knives offers a unique combination of usefulness and flare and ranges widely in price and design.

The Paring Knife

The paring knife is a little but formidable tool that works best for precise, delicate, and controlled cutting tasks like hulling strawberries or slicing a garlic clove. When selecting a paring knife, choose one with a grip that allows you to use the knife in the air, such as when peeling an apple, rather than pressing down on a cutting board.

Other Important Kitchen Knives

There is a vast array of knife shapes and designs available, even though chef's, serrated, and paring knives are the cornerstones of every kitchen and fundamental to any excellent knife set.


The size, shape, and use of Chinese cleavers, which have rectangular blades and resemble hatchets, might vary. They may also be excellent instruments for crushing meat and chopping vegetables. They are most frequently used for jobs that require considerable power, such as cutting up squash or breaking down bones.

Boning Knife

Boning knives are used to remove meat from bones, as their name indicates. The Japanese boning knife, known as an honesuki, is thicker with a thin, dropping tip that makes it simple to puncture flesh, in contrast to the common narrow, flexible blade of Western boning knives.

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