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Which Is Better: the Chinese Cleaver or the Chef Knife?

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Which Is Better: the Chinese Cleaver or the Chef Knife?

Every food preparation process is unique. It's possible that the knife you use to cut garlic isn't the best one to use to slice tomatoes. Additionally, you might want a completely different knife depending on what you're cooking. However, the chef knife and the Chinese cleaver are two of the most useful tools in any kitchen. Which is therefore superior?

The form of the blade is the primary distinction between a chef knife and a Chinese cleaver. A chef's knife is narrower and has a curved edge that tapers to a point, but a Chinese cleaver has a large rectangular blade with a flat edge. A Chinese cleaver differs from a chef knife not just in shape but also in weight and thickness.

Every knife has a unique design that makes it more appropriate for a certain use. This comparison between the chef and Chinese cleavers will help you determine which is best for your needs.

What's a Chinese cleaver?

A Chinese cleaver is best described as "a knife that does it all." It's a multipurpose tool that works well for anything from slicing vegetables to deboning birds.

The Chinese cleaver, as its name implies, is still an essential kitchen item in China, where it first appeared. Nonetheless, it is becoming more and more popular among cooks all over the world due to its distinctive form and versatile use.

1.Chinese cleaver design

The versatility of a Chinese cleaver lies in its design. Its broad, rectangular blade is 7-9 inches long and 4-5 inches wide, with a flat edge. In addition, the blade weighs more than conventional knives, giving it greater heft and improving its ability to cut through harder materials like chicken bones.

A Chinese cleaver's weight is mostly concentrated on the blade, as opposed to other knives that distribute weight uniformly. For increased strength and durability, the complete tang of the rectangular blade extends into the handle on the upper edge.

At first, the heft and form may be unsettling, but as you get the feel of it, you'll love how simple it is to cut through meat and veggies.

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2.Chinese cleaver usage

A multipurpose knife is a Chinese cleaver. But some tasks are particularly well-suited to it because of its qualities.

● Slicing: Chinese cleavers with thinner blades are excellent for slicing vegetables, seafood, and meat. Additionally, the wide surface offers a steady cutting surface for accurate cutting.

● Chopping: A Chinese cleaver's broad, rectangular blade and weight make it perfect for slicing through more resilient foods like root vegetables and poultry bones.

● Mincing: The flat edge of the blade makes Chinese cleavers excellent for mincing garlic, ginger, and shallots. Using one hand, hold the ingredient and chop it back and forth to mince it.

● Crushing: Garlic and ginger can also be crushed using the blade's flat side.

● Moving cut pieces: You may also move chopped meat or veggies from the cutting board to a pot or pan by using the wide surface. Gather them up and remove them from the edge.

3.Various kinds of Chinese cleavers

It's crucial to select the Chinese cleaver type that best meets your needs due to their diverse features.

● Vegetable cleavers: Often referred to as Cai Dao, this is one of the most often used kitchen knives in China. Its blade is sharper and lighter, with a slimmer profile. It's not as heavy-duty or as powerful as a meat cleaver, but it's still rather reliable and can cut through tougher foods like sweet potatoes and squash.

● Meat cleavers: The heaviest and strongest kind of Chinese cleaver is the meat cleaver. The knife's capacity to cut through tough meat, including bones, gives rise to its name. It can handle cutting tougher components because of its larger weight and thicker blade.

● All-purpose cleavers: Also referred to as chopper knives, Chinese all-purpose cleavers are multipurpose tools that may be used for a variety of kitchen activities. It is not as thick or heavy as a meat cleaver, but it does have a blade that is somewhat thicker than a vegetable cleaver. If you're looking for a multipurpose knife that can handle most kitchen duties without being overly hefty or difficult to use, an all-purpose cleaver is a decent choice.

What's a Chef's Knife?

An excellent all-purpose knife for chopping, slicing, and mincing is a chef's knife. The chef's knife was originally meant to be used for slicing and disjointing huge pieces of meat. It has recently evolved into the go-to all-purpose kitchen knife for almost anything, even chopping veggies.

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1.Design of a chef's knife

A chef's knife has a long, broad blade that tapers to a fine tip after becoming thick at the heel. It is simple to rock the knife back and forth for a good cut since the belly of the blade curls up towards the tip.

2.Uses of a chef's knife

A chef's knife's design makes it ideal for a number of uses, such as:

● Slicing: Chef's knives are excellent for slicing meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit because of their long blade and sharp edge.

● Chopping: The veggies may be chopped precisely thanks to the sharp edge and tapering point.

● Mincing: The wide blade works great for finely chopping herbs, garlic, and ginger.

● Disjointing: The strong bolster and thick heel make it easy to disjoin chicken and other poultry.

Chef Knife vs. Chinese Cleaver

Chef knives and Chinese cleavers are multipurpose culinary knives with adaptable styles. Both knives work well for chopping, slicing, and mincing. But these knives are distinct from one another in a few ways.

1.Size and style

The size and style of the blade are two of the primary distinctions between a chef knife and a Chinese cleaver. A chef's knife is 6–8 inches long, while a Chinese cleaver is approximately 6–9 inches long. In addition, the Chinese cleaver's blade is heavier and thicker than the chef's knife's.

One further significant distinction is the design. Chef knives are designed with a more tapered shape, while Chinese cleavers feature large rectangular blades. It is simpler to transfer chopped components due to their large size.

More surface space is available for chopping additional herbs, such as garlic, thanks to the flat edge. Meanwhile, the chef's knife's tapered shape makes it perfect for chopping and slicing vegetables.

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2.Methods of cutting

Using a wooden cutting board and a chef's knife, chop mushrooms.

A force multiplier is a Chinese cleaver. The weight of the blade and the size of the cutting edge make it simpler to cut through tough ingredients. The best way to use a Chinese cleaver is to chop anything horizontally. Another name for this method is a push cut.

Using the blade held horizontally, you set the ingredients on the cutting board and chop them. The blade's broad side does the majority of the work, which makes chopping tough foods simpler.

The chef's knife's curved belly makes it ideal for rocking motions. This method works well for chopping herbs, ginger, and garlic. It works well for chopping veggies as well. A chef's knife should be used by rocking the blade back and forth while holding it at an angle of 20 to 30 degrees. The blade slices through the ingredient as a result of the rocking motion.

How Do You Choose Between the Two?

The best method to decide between a chef's knife and a Chinese cleaver is to take your demands and preferences into account. Every knife has a feature that makes it more appropriate for a particular task.

Both knives have many uses, but the chef's knife has additional purposes due to its manufacture and design. It is perfect for numerous applications because of the slicing motion and tapered blade shape. It's also lighter and easier to handle, making it a great option if you have small hands.

Choose a Chinese cleaver instead of a regular knife if you're seeking something that can cut through tougher foods. The wider cutting edge and additional weight facilitate simpler chopping through tough items, even though it has a higher learning curve. Because the blade has a higher surface area, it's also a fantastic option if you mince a lot.


It shouldn't be hard to decide between a chef knife and a Chinese cleaver. Once you know what you need and want, you can make a decision based on the many attributes of each knife. Everything you require to make an informed choice is covered in the article above, so hopefully you have all the information you need.

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