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What’s the Difference Between a Santoku and a Chef Knife?

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What’s the Difference Between a Santoku and a Chef Knife?

Make sure the set you choose includes both a Santoku and a chef's Knife if you're trying to spruce up your kitchen with a fantastic knife set. Both are helpful for preparing a variety of culinary items. Even though the two knives appear to be relatively similar, they are in fact very different. You may choose when to use each knife based on your knowledge of the distinctions between a Santoku and a chef's Knife.

What Is a Santoku?

In both residential and commercial kitchens, general-purpose blades like chef knives and santoku knives are frequently used for chopping, dicing, mincing, and slicing. A Santoku is essentially just the Japanese counterpart of the chef's Knife, although there are other variations as well.

Santokus tend to be composed of thinner and harder steel in addition to being approximately an inch shorter than the typical 8-inch chef knife, which makes them more suited for precise cutting. These knives have a broad, pointed sheepsfoot blade. Our Santoku is the ideal instrument for slicing a lot of veggies since it also features flutes on its blade to prevent food from sticking.

How to Use a Santoku?

The most popular tasks for Santokus are chopping, dicing, and mincing. They work particularly well for julietting small slices of meat and vegetables because of their precise edge. A Santoku's large blade also makes it practical for "scooping" food off of a cutting board and transferring it to a sauté Pan or other dish.

How to Care for a Santoku?

Santokus should be manually cleaned and dried, just as other knives, to avoid rust or other damage. A wooden knife block is the ideal location to keep a Santoku when not in use.On rare occasions, a Santoku blade's knife may require honing. To keep the edge exact and sharp, do this with an honing rod.

What Is a Chef Knife?

Chef Knives differ from Santokus in that they have a broad blade that bends upward to form a thicker, heavier spine. When you consider a kitchen knife, this is the one that probably springs to mind. In addition to being heavier to wield, chef knives might be a little more challenging to use for people with tiny hands.

How to Use a Chef Knife?

Any cut that requires you to move your blade forward may be finished with a chef's knife. As a result, the chef's Knife is typically the ideal tool for making intricate cuts and separating meat by slicing through cartilage and skin. Many individuals also choose the chef's knife for activities like slicing cheese and dicing or chopping nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

How to Care for a Chef Knife?

A chef's Knife requires similar maintenance to a Santoku. It's crucial to only wash by hand and to hone or sharpen as required. Other than that, maintaining chef's knives is not that difficult. We just advise keeping them safely stored while not in use.

Which Knife Should I Use?

Both. While the sort of cut you need to make and the items you're working with will determine the knife you should use, having all the necessary kitchenware will help you succeed. When a recipe calls for delicately slicing vegetables or meats, a Santoku is the best tool to use because it can produce extremely thin slices.

When working with meat that has to be separated, such as a whole chicken wing, a chef's knife could be a preferable choice. Additionally useful for everyday dicing, mincing, and cutting are chef knives.

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