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Things You Should Know About Knives With Wooden Handles

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Things You Should Know About Knives With Wooden Handles

Since ancient times, wood, one of the most popular natural materials, has been used as a knife handle. It should come as no surprise that wooden-handled knives are the most popular among collectors. They appreciate the value of a gorgeous handle and a strong steel blade.

The Advantages of Wooden Handle Knife

1.Beauty: Kitchen knives made of wood have far more character and beauty than those made of the same steel as the blade, increasing their value. Beautiful motifs and symbols can be easily carved into wood, adding to the handle's allure. It is a timeless option that belongs in your kitchen.

2.Comfort: Working with wood is really simple, especially if you cook frequently. When cutting your vegetables, it keeps the knife from slipping out of your hand and is quite comfortable for the handgrip. The majority of wooden handles are ergonomic and neatly fit the hand, enabling you to experience precision cutting.

3.Cost-effective: Wooden-handled knives are typically less expensive than knives made of other materials, which is always a bonus. Although the price of wood is lower than the price of steel, this does not imply that the products are of bad quality.

4.Durability: Lastly, a wooden handle can last you a lifetime if you take excellent care of it. Let's face it, any kitchen item will require upkeep; however, not all can ensure a lifetime even with proper maintenance. One of those materials that can occasionally be refreshed and continue to serve you for only five minutes is wood. Now, if you're not sure how to achieve that, refer to our instructions below.

How Do You Care for Wooden Handle Knife?

Well, it's a really simple chore that will just take a few minutes out of your day once or twice a month. No matter how frequently you use them, wooden handles might dry up, which is their main drawback. But by periodically applying a little oil, any dry wood can be brought back to life. The oil will not only keep the handle from cracking but also restore the knife's original freshness and beauty.

However, keep in mind that some species of wood might not absorb oil. These wooden handles have previously been painted or polished. Additionally, less oil will be required for wood that has been stabilised or that has absorbed stabilisation resin compared to wood that has not been stabilised.

How Do You Apply Oil to Your Wooden Handle Knife?

It should ideally be applied with a clean towel. Just a few drops will do; more won't be necessary. Prior to wiping the handle with another clean, dry towel, you must now wait for the oil to absorb for a little while. Continue doing this until you are satisfied with how saturated the wood is or until you notice that the wood is no longer absorbing oil.

Which Oil Should You Use?

You can clean and reinforce your hardwood handles with a variety of oils, each of which has a unique reaction. Ballistol is one of the oils that has been used most frequently for this purpose. Although this oil was once used to make weapons, it is now renowned for its adaptability. It is an oil that has the ability to both rejuvenate dry wood and keep steel blades from rusting. With the exception of painted handles, ballistol may be applied to any type of wood. Of course, you can use olive oil, but you should be aware that it will eventually begin to smell. Many people also praise Danish oil. Danish oil has the benefit of preventing the wood from drying out as rapidly after application.


You should be aware of the advantages of knives with wooden handles, whether you are an avid collector or simply a home cook. And if you do decide to try it, be sure to treat it well.

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