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Are Kitchen Knives With Hollow Handles Good? Solid vs. Hollow Handles

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Are Kitchen Knives With Hollow Handles Good? Solid vs. Hollow Handles

Kitchen knife handles typically come in two different varieties, with hollow knife handles being the most common form. There are two separate methods for making knives. The cheaper knives are manufactured from a single piece of steel, and their blades are heavier than those of conventional knives. The third way to make a knife is to place the blade inside a hollow steel handle that has been securely fastened with epoxy.

The majority of pricey stainless steel knife sets are made using this technique, which is one of the best for producing knives. Because they are more rounded and comfortable in the palm, hollow steel handles

For cutting bones, meat, and even greasy materials, hollow knife handles are always the best choice. Different hunting knives are made with various styles of handles.

Personally, I've found that hollow handles are ideal for all uses. Let's try reading the article again to learn more.

Hollow Handle Knife: What Are They?

The grip and blade of the hollow knives are constructed of two separate parts. Epoxy is used to attach the handle and blade together.

Because it has a rounded handle and is used in most kitchens, this kind of knife is typically extremely comfortable to use. The knives are excellent for activities requiring cutting and chopping.

Hollow knives can also be useful for survival and camping. Therefore, if you intend to go outside, you should choose to use a hollow-handled knife.

The majority of experts advise using a hollow-handled knife since it fits more comfortably in the hand and is also safer to use.

Are Kitchen Knives With Hollow Handles Safe to Use?

For practically all jobs in the kitchen and outdoors, the hollow knife is the finest option if you're seeking a high-quality tool.

Due to the wide variety of materials that can be used to make the handle of the knife, which provides a nice grip while cutting, the knives are highly comfortable to use.

Although the hollow-handle knife is more expensive than the solid-handle knife, investing in a tool that you can use securely is always worthwhile.

The benefits and drawbacks of hollow-handled knives are listed below.


The hollow knives are very safe and comfortable to use.

Appropriate for cutting greasy materials.

Gives a very secure fit in the hand and offers a very comfortable grip.

The knife can be used both inside and outside.

Compared to knives with solid handles, they are lighter.


Knives with hollow handles cost more than knives without them.

If the blade is not correctly fastened to the hollow handle, it can occasionally come off.

Hollow Handle vs. Solid Handle Knife

The solid knife handle differs significantly from the hollow knife handle in that it is forged from a single rod of any steel, including 410 stainless steel. When compared to other types of knives, the blades are considerably heavier.

The blade is fitted to the handle of the hollow knife handles, which have a distinct handle, and the handle is then fastened with epoxy.

Solid knives are considerably heavier and more difficult to handle. For chopping hefty bones and meat, butchers typically favour knives with solid handles.

Can You Sharpen a Knife With a Hollow Edge?

The traditional method of sharpening knife blades is always advised, regardless of whether you have a hollow-edge or solid-handled knife.

To sharpen a kitchen knife, there are numerous varieties of knife sharpeners available. For sharpening the blades, you can either use a standard wheat stone or an electric knife sharpener.

It's not difficult to sharpen a hollow-edge knife; you only need to have the correct angle for doing so to avoid making a mistake.

Holding the knife, sharpen both sides of the blade at an angle of roughly 18 degrees.


The information should have helped you understand the distinction between hollow and solid handles and why hollow handles are preferable to solid handles. The majority of people suggested using a hollow-handled knife because they are simple to obtain and safe to use. Hollow knife handles have the advantages of being lightweight and offering better control and manoeuvrability when utilising the blade. I'm sure you'll enjoy hollow knives if you're a true admirer of lightweight knives.

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